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The ByCalliste Studio

The ByCalliste studio is housed in a historic building at the heart of Paris. It’s an ideal space for shooting videos while also being a place that’s full of life. It was designed as a space for creativity, facilitating the sharing and exchange of ideas. The décor, the lighting, cameras, sound, design… everything has been thoughtfully organized in such a way that our make up artists and hair artists can offer their very best, allowing you to benefit from the most relevant videos. In order to enable our make up and hair artists to work in the best possible conditions, we have designed the studio around a tailor-made mirror. The light and camera angles allow us to capture the truest colors and show techniques in the clearest possible way so you can recreate them at home. The studio is entirely equipped with 4K cameras, enabling the materials and textures to be shown in great detail. This high quality film equipment allows us to stick to our philosophy which bans all post-production retouching! We’re not interested in obtaining the world’s most beautiful images by artificial means, instead we are all about clarity and sincerity, revealing all the possibilities available to those who want to show off the best of themselves. During the making of our videos, the cameras are as discreet as possible and we offer a welcoming and comfortable space in order to encourage the spontaneity and creative confidence of both our artists and our guests. But technique alone is not enough, talent and experience are vital: Fabrice Laroche also brings his experience and vision as a photographer and director to the adventure. As artistic director and visual identity expert he has a wide field of expression. Fabrice has a passion for different cultures and has travelled widely. When not in the studio, he also teaches at the prestigious Ecole des Gobelins. Fabrice brings an excellent balance to the ByCalliste team.




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